Solestory is all about passion.
It’s about sharing our, and learning more about yours.

We believe there is a story to tell about every shoe out there.
We believe if we start telling those stories you will too.
We belive in the power of storytelling, young or old doesn’t matter. A story told with passion is always worth listening to.

Why don’t we just start a library then?
Well, we are sneakerologists at heart, we love ’em and we live for them.
And we want you to do the same.

When we are sitting in the lockerroom drawing up the gameplan, we are aiming high. Really high.
Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because thats the kind of people we are and want to become.

We are extremely proud that you are alongside us for this ride. We thrive off your energy and feedback and just like the random rom-com would end, we want to grow with you for a long time.