He is called the Michael Laudrup of Danish Basketball and thats for a good reason, Adama will make an impact in your life. Doesn’t matter if it’s a shooting competition in practice or a loose-ball-situation in a game, he will win. And then you try to beat him, and he’ll win again. And again. Thats just how great of a competitor he is.
Known for his exceptional shooting skills around the arc, Adama has filled more nets than the fishermen and continues to add new skills to his game.

Have you ever met Adama you already know you want to be his buddy for life. To make this a reality, all you need to do is like to drink coffee, know a few Rasmus Seebach songs and eat kebab…

Adama has been a professional player for the last ten years, playing in Denmark, Iceland, Spain and now Sweden. Everywhere he has played he has proven himself both as a deadly shooter and as a leader. Becoming the team captain in every team he has been a part of is not something that “just happens”, you want to be like Adama and you follow his lead.

After missing the last summers with the National Team due to sickness in his family, Adama is hoping to wear the dannebrog (click here if your Danish is a little rusty) on his chest again.

All time favorite sneaker: Nike Kobe 5 Snakeskin
Best podcast: Sole Searching
Best song ever: Tears of joy – Rick Ross
Coach I want to play for: Milan Skobajl (Former coach in Hørsholm/ Red Star)
Favorite arena to play in: Boråshallen!
Favorite TV-series: Sons of Anarchy
Most memorable game: Qualification to Division A vs Ireland(the Christian Drejer Show)
On off days I like to: Chill and stay in the house, with good food and coffee
Pregame meal: A gooooooooood chicken sandwich with turkey-bacon
Qoute to live by: Do good things when no one is watching.
Instagram: @adamadarboe4

Listen to the Sole Searching podcast episode #6 with Adama on iTunes or stream the episode below;