Charles is fresh.
Not only in appearance and sporting a clean look, but in his game. He plays it futuristic and he plays it fast with a touch of old-school basketball IQ.
He is the son of a coach (and a freakin legend) and you can tell he has been talking pick and rolls since kindergarden, Charles knows his X’s and Os.

Charles is a point guard that doesn’t need to be ashamed to pull the trigger. Defenders need to make a decision, are they staying tight to keep his gun in his holster or are they backing off to avoid being bullied in the paint? If you are not quick enough, it’s already to late…

Earning his stripes with veteran players in the Swedish Basketball league, he set the tone last season as he carried his Sundsvall-team to a semifinal-spot. This season he is the co-captain and people seem to forget he is only 23 years old.
He is built like a linebacker but don’t sleep on his impressive first step and he is exceptional in handling contact while taking the ball to the hoop.

Known for his presidential smile and an even more contagious laughter, Charles has that special drive that stands out. You will notice it just meeting him or seeing him play for a single possession.And you know it’s a drive that will take him to the highest level.

Charles has been on the radar of scouts since his early teens, exploding with the youth National Teams all over Europe to become a force in PAC-12 with Oregon State University.
Knocking on the door to the Mens National Team for the last two summers, Charles wants nothing more than to wear Sweden on his chest again.

All time favorite sneaker: Reebok Answer IV
Best podcast: Sole Searching
Best song ever: Closer to my dreams – Drake
Coach I want to play for: My father, Charles Barton Sr
Favorite arena to play in: MGM Grand, Las Vegas
Favorite TV-series: Naruto
Most memorable game: First game against my big brother Brandon 2015
On off days I like to: Spend extra time with my loved one (and my Nintendo)
Pregame meal: Bite Line buffet
Qoute to live by: One day at a time
Instagram: @bartonjr8


We had the chance to bring Charles in front of the camera (and Shaqs old size 22’s), check it out below;



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