There are shooters.
There are great shooters.
And then there is Downtown-Dino.
If you were to count all the nets he has burned thru his career, he would be imprisoned for arson.
When Dino made it to the big scene with the National team and brought home the gold to Södertälje, no one was really surprised. Dino has earned it.
Over and over again.
Known as one of the hardest working players in the game, with an impressive dedication to his craft, every bit of success is just the product of his focus.
After spending the last two seasons out in Europe, Dino moved back to his Södertälje and when the club announced the signing, the odds changed on every betting-site.
As they should.

Being a pure shooter since birth and a gamewinner since they started keeping score, Dino has made great strides in improving the rest of his game to an elite level.
Dino brings a championship swagger to any team and his grit and grind-mentality will make everybody work a little harder every practice. He is the leader that doesn’t need to open his mouth, just take a look at his sweaty shirt and the message is clear.

Dino is also known as a true sneakerhead and brings heat to the hardwood every game. His Jordan collection runs deep and he got so many 11’s he can play in them whenever needed. And he does.

To have Dino in the Sole Squad feels great, but we are a little worried about letting him in our warehouse with all the kicks…

All time favorite sneaker: Air Jordan 11
Best podcast: Sparpodden
Best song ever: I don’t really have one
Coach I want to play for: Zeljko Obradovic
Favorite arena to play in: Täljehallen
Favorite TV-series: Prison Break Season 1
Most memorable game: Playing Eurobasket 2013 with the Swedish National Team
On off days I like to: Meet with friends and relax
Pregame meal: Salmon and potatoes
Qoute to live by: sUccess all depends on the 2nd letter
Twitter: @dinopita
Instagram: @dinkli




Foto: Anna Forsström


Foto: Anna Forsström