The captain.
Thats basically all you need to know about Elin.
She is the captain.

Elin have been providing highlight-tapes on an elite level for seven seasons as an pro outside of Sweden, currently playing for Euroleague-team Castors Braine in Belgium after a successful season in Russia last year.

She is a extremely tough defender. Like really tough.
She plays so physical that if she had tattoos on her arms, they would fall of in the first quarter. Thats why you opponentens scared when facing up against the stopper from Södertälje. If you are in to stats (hey, who isn’t…) Elin is a great rebounder from the PG-position.
But don’t be fooled by her defensive dominance, Elin can stroke it from everywhere and has improved her outside game a lot lately.

Running her team with skills and leadership is part of her DNA, and she has always done it with an unique mix of power and finesse.
Elin is the kind of player you hate to go up against but love to have on your team. Especially if you want to win. Elins leadership is without doubt tough.
She makes sure you are on top of your game 24/7, because thats were she is at. Elin doesn’t settle for halfass, she is the definition of going all in.

Thats why she is the perfect captain.

All time favorite sneaker: Converse All Star
Best podcast: P3 Dokumentär
Favorite arena to play in: Täljehallen, Södertälje
Favorite TV-series: Dexter, Scandal, CSI, Greys Anatomy
Most memorable game: Quaterfinal of european championship 2013
On off days I like to: Sleep in, watch series, shopping and hangout with friends.
Pregame meal: Salmon, spinach and potatoes
Qoute to live by: In the end we only regret the chances we didnt take
Instagram: @elineldebrink
Twitter: @elineldebrink


Elin kopia

Foto Anna Forsström