Some people are just more than a player or a great character. Frida is a gamechanger. She has been a dominat player on every level she’s played and has done so much for womens basketball you almost feel unworhty talking to her. But at the same time she’s extremely humble and ready to go to work.
And again.

Frida is a product of the basketball factory in Södertälje where she played all the way from youth- to senior-teams. Södertälje being the only club she ever played for in Sweden.
Her big international breakthrough came in 2007 leading the U19 National Team to a silver medal in the World Championship and earning the MVP-trophy, she also became the first Swede to be selected to the Allstar-team in Eurobasket 2013.
Frida has proved her skills (and cut down nets) in France, Czech, Spain and Turkey, and are moving to Russia to play for DynamoKursk this season.
Kursk finished third in Euroleague last season and hope to improve this season.

Frida is one of those superstar-players that you always expect to be freakin awesome every game, and then she is even better.
Every detail matters when it comes to her preperation and will to be an impact-player on the highest level. Just watch her abuse her opponents speed, strenght and awesomeness like in this video from Eurobasket this summer…

We are extremely proud to add Frida to the Sole Squad and we will follow her closely as she takes on the best competition in the world.

All time favorite sneaker: Nike Air Force One
Best podcast: P3 Documentary (Swedish Radio)
Best song ever: Forever Young with Youth Group
Coach I want to play for: Vedran Bosnic
Favorite arena to play in: Täljehallen, there is no place like home…
Favorite TV-series: Greys Anatomy, Scandal, Dexter
Most memorable game: When we played the Quarterfinal against the host nation France in the european championship 2013.
On off days I like to: I like to spend time with family and friends and play some golf.
Pregame meal: Salmon with vegetables and then a rice cake with peanut butter and banana for dessert.
Qoute to live by: Fall seven times stand up eight.
Twitter: @fridaelde
Instagram: @fridaeldebrink

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