Every story you hear about Jamar is an understatement.
He is even better.

Known for his lightening quickness and ability to get buckets, Jamars game is lethal.
Despite being undersized his attitude is huge and don’t let that charming smile fool you out there. He is in it to win it.

Jamar is the kind of guy that learns Finnish fluently in a heartbeat, kills the written exam and earns his Finnish citizenship like it’s just another defender to blow by.
Thats the level of commitment that has taken Jamar around the basketball universe for the last eight seasons.
Leaving University of Albany in New York as the all-time leading scorer and the first player in school history to have his number retired, Jamar has played on the highest level in Belgium, Finland, Australia (where he led the league in scoring) and France before putting on the Finnish jersey in Eurobasket this summer. With a great tournament (and scoring 21 points on France in just 19min) he became a part of Finnish history.
The Susijengi-crew is one of a kind and Jammu grew to be a fan-favorite over the summer.
But how can you not embrace a Bronx-native getting on stage in front of thousand Wolfpack-fans rapping in Finnish?

Make sure to keep your eyes on Jamar this season, he is fast so don’t get caught sleeping…

All time favorite sneaker: White cement Jordan 4 or Kobe 4, a game changer
Best podcast: Solesearching, Giantbob & Bill Simmons
Favorite arena to play in: Madison Square Garden
Favorite TV-series: Entourage
Most memorable game: Beating France in my first game with Finland this summer
On off days I like to: Hang with the family or a bit of venturing
Pregame meal: Chicken and rice
Qoute to live by: Fall down 7, stand up 8
Instagram: @jaydubbs5
Twitter: @jaydubbs5