Krista is a game-changer.
Not only for her toughness and the defensive fury she brings every night but for the fact that she is carrying Finnish basketball on her shoulders. Trying to repeat what the Wolfpack has done with the mens program, Krista is leading the way on her end. The Finns are making a run in the qualification round this season, matching up against Spain and Sweden for a spot in the 2017 Eurobasket.

Being a franchise player since high-school, ranked #23 in USA as a senior she choose to play at University of North Carolina.
She stayed in Chapel Hill (or heaven as we know it…) for four years and got her medical degree before heading to Italy for her first professional contract.
After a succesful season in Italy, Krista signed in Finland with Honka but a injury shortened her season to just a few games.
This season Krista plays for Udominate in Umeå, Sweden and she is there to help the team advance in the Eurocup and conquer the championship in the Swedish League.

Her hardnosed defense is more than enough to remember her game, but with the addition of her smooth shooting skills, you wont forget her name.

All time favorite sneaker: Nike Kobes
Best podcast: Sole Searching
Best song ever: I Lived – One Republic
Coach I want to play for: Becky Hammon (San Antonio Spurs)
Favorite arena to play in: Playing (and winning) at Duke was the best
Favorite TV-series: Friends
Most memorable game: First game with the Finnish National Team because I know how much it meant for my mom and my grandparents
On off days I like to: Relax, watch movies, skype or when I get to a new place I like to go explore the city
Pregame meal: Grilled chicken or salmon with rice and veggies
Qoute to live by: Love what you do and do what you love
Instagram: @kristag21

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