Marty may sound sweet, but be aware, Martina is tough as nails.
After several years abroad and winning three championships in Sweden (on course for a fourth this season) Martina has earned a reputation as one the elite defenders out there.
A proven winner on every level, in Sweden, in Europe and with the national team, Martina has developed into a fierce competitor.

Improving her game from “just” a defender to a double-double-assassin. Her court-vision is magnificent and teammates makes careers of playing beside her. Hell, I think even you and I would look great playing next to her…
She is so smooth on the floor you don’t even realize she just lit you up in every statistical category like it was a video-game.
Her intensity will scare the opponents and make the fans sing songs about her.
Martina is that energy-injection every team needs but few have the talent to make it real.

After winning her first championship in Sweden in 2010, she played her first season outside of Sweden in Spain. The next season she joined Eurloeague team Frisco Brno in the Czech republic before coming back to Sweden signing for Luleå Basket (former Northland Basket) winning back-to-back championship. She has been a vital part of the Swedish national teams succeeding the last seasons, from U16 to the seniorteam.
Martina is one of those likable people everybody wants to hang with, she will charm you with her wit and she is smart. Like really smart.
Always caring about the less fortunate and making sure she will improve the life of those around her.
There is even a rumor Facebook named the like-button after her…

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All time favorite sneaker: Nike Air Max 90
Best podcast: P3 Dokumentär
Best song ever: Anything Freddy Mercury
Coach I want to play for: Becky Hammon
Favorite arena to play in: Luleå Energi Arena
Favorite TV-series: Friends
Most memorable game: Stadium Cup 2005, me and my sister beat Solna in the final
On off days I like to: Grocery shopping
Pregame meal: My own smoothies
Qoute to live by: Treat people the way you want to be treated
Instagram: @immarty

Watch an interview with Martina and Djurgården kickball player Nyasha Mushekwi from Cmore Sport:




ms2 kopia

20120630_DSC6275 kopia

And a little taste of Martys acrobatic skills from this off-season…

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Martina Stålvant (@immarty)