Tiina means finesse in Finnish.
Well, maybe not entirely true, but it should ‘cause Tiina embodies it like no other.
Tough as nails she will intimidate you with her skills and ability to always be the one making the big shots and cleaning the offensive boards.

Tiina has played internationally for the last decade, attending St Johns University in New York for four years, then playing in Spain, Greece and Germany. The last three season she has been an important piece in the Wasserburg dynasty, winning three straight championships (and going after a fourth this season as well…).
Rumor has it there is a group of people trying to change the name of Wasserburg to Tiinburg in tribute to their hero.

Tiina has been with the Finnish National team-program since 2001, and with the senior team for ten years and has played an astonishing 99 games for the white and blue scoring more than 1000 points on the senior level .
She is the co-captain of a wolfpack-team that is making a serious attempt moving up the rankings (together with fellow Sole Squad-member Krista Gross) for the next European championship and will play Spain and Sweden in their qualifiers this season.
New Finnish headcoach Pekka Salminen thinks highly of Tiina and after coaching her brother Juha for several seasons he knows what to expect of the maybe even better Sten-sibling.
Yeah, there are even more Stens out there, younger sister Minna Sten also plays for the National Team and father Tapio Sten used to dominate in the 70’s. He averaged 34,9p/g in the Finnish league and played the European Championship for Finland in 1977.


When talking to Tiina you can’t ignore the energy she brings and the smile from ear to ear that will turn your mood into awesomeness.
In the summers, Tiina goes back to Finland to help out in different  basketball camps for young girls and youth national teams to develop their game and confidence. A role model in every aspect.

Tiina might sound like a good samaritan but I dare you to not box her out the next time a shot is in the air and see what happens…

All time favorite sneaker: All different kind of Nike Air Maxes
Best podcast: Only one, Solesearching!
Favorite arena to play in: In college we played a couple of home games in Madison Square Garden, that was amazing. But more realistically, I love playing in front of our fans here in Wasserburg. Always a great atmosphere.
Favorite TV-series: Posse
Most memorable game: Winning the Finnish championship with my best friends on our last junior year after working hard together for it our whole youth.
On off days I like to: Relax and be in touch with people at home, spend some time outside and drink too much coffee
Coach I want to play for: My brother Juha. I don’t think I could handle his toughness but I’d want to experience it!
Pregame meal: Wild rice, salmon and veggies
Instagram: @tiinasten
Twitter: @tiinasten






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