Tuomas is young, only 19 years old, but he is definitely gunnin like a veteran.

If I were to speak Finnish, I would assume his nickname Tumppi means “fearless speed-bullet with swaggy hair”…
He plays fast and he plays smart; scoring, passing or just making those big plays when the game is on the line. Tuomas is the kind of player that carries his team on his back every time he puts his Nikes on the hardwood.

An intesen defender, getting under opponents skin and putting up a one-man-fullcourt-press that scares every ballhandler on the floor and getting through screens like it’s a redcarpet-premier.

Tuomas have been playing in the Finnish mens leagues Korisliiga since he was 15 years old (!) and played over 70 youth national team games (and still have one more season with the U20 National Team to go) and is on the verge of breaking in to the Wolfpack mens team.
When playing with his peers in the U19-league last season, Tumppi led the league in scoring (30,4 pts/g) and assists (6,1 last/g).
And in the U20 National Team last summer, Tuomas averaged 10 points and 6 assist while leading the Wolfpack to the gold in the European Championship against Sweden with 25 points and 8 assist. (Editors note; yeah, that game still hurts…)

Keep an eye on Tuomas for years to come, carry on the proud tradition of top-level Finnish pointguards.

All time favorite sneaker: All Nikes
Best song ever: Candy shop – 50 cent
Coach I want to play for: Jyri Lehtonen & Anton Mirolybov
Favorite arena to play in: Mansikka-aho
Favorite TV-series: The Simpsons
Most memorable game: U20 European Championship vs Sweden
On off days I like to: Just chill and hang with my friends.
Pregame meal: Chicken pasta
Qoute to live by: Never give up
Twitter: @tuppede
Instagram: @tuppede