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Saw the light in 1982 and still shines brighter than the rest. introduced the air-sole to the basketball world and never looked back. The best selling athletic shoe in history.
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What more can you say about a product that was first released in 1982 and has been released in 2000 different variations since? A lot actually.

This is the gem that has made all of us go bananas for sneakers over the last 30+ years.
Designed by Nike designer Bruce Kilgore as a top-performance basketball shoe for the likes of Moses Malone and Charles Barkley it was the first Nike Basketball-shoe to use an air-sole.


The first AF1 to release was the hi-top version with the so-called Proprioceptus Belt (proprioceptor meaning “One of a variety of sensory end organs in muscles, tendons, and joint capsules that sense position or state of contraction” in the medical terms) and the way you wore your strap said more about you than any instagram-post ever will today.
Boyhood idol Rasheed Wallace became even more legendary when wearing his AF1 with the straps hanging loose in the back and then removing them completely while playing in the AF1s in the league.

After it’s first introduction in 1982, they were pulled off the market in 1984 but has since re-introduced. Duh. The AF1 Low came shortly after the hi-top in the early eighties but the Mid’s took almost a full decade before they were released in the nineties.

The pivot-point outsole was a revolutionary at the time, and the fact that it wasn’t a herringbone outsole like everything else just made it an even bigger hit. And a great fit for big men pivoting on the lowpost. It became an industry standard but the iconic outsole of the AF1’s still stand strong 34 years later.

Today new versions of the Air Force 1’s keeps coming and the legacy just continues to grow for every pair. Amazing. The AF1 has one record thats going to be hard to beat – it’s the best selling athletic shoe in history!

And lets just keep it that way.


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