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The biggest question fifteen years ago, play with or without the shroud of the XVIs? Now we are right back there with the OG-colorway of this amazing pair.
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The Solestory

Being one of those groundbreaking kicks that really changed the game fifteen years ago, in a time were the game already were changing to much (Michale not in it) and stuff seemed to get too weird.
This pair kinda made sense.
It was an awesome to ball in and they looked good enough to rock outside the lines.

Designed by Wilson Smith to follow MJs career away from the hardwood. Not a superfan of the removeable shroud myself but it kinda made sense. Remember how I said this was a wierd time…
Inspired by marching boots and their gaiters as well as high performance cars the XVI has a special feel to it.

Let’s go to the shroud right off the bat. Supposed to be worn off the court (and apparently together with a three piece suit…) and then when it was balltime, take the shroud off and go to work. The magnetic closure is still working and the idea of straping it under the outsole did actually work without it falling off.
I dunno, never made real sense but still a cool enough feature for me to get hooked.
I even wore my shroud on the court. Not that speed ever were a major part of my game, but it looked sweet…

As for being born in 2001, the performance aspect still stands, full lenght inner bootie, visible Zoom Air and blow molded air in the heel.
Bringing back the translucent outsole from the V, VI and XIs as well as a patent leather toe.

By now, you probably get that we really get our juices flowing when it comes to OG-colors being retroed and this is nothing but pure excitement. This Mignight Navy-pair have been cooking for 15 years and is finally really to be served.
And we are willing to forget Jordan Brand for them letting Reggie Miller wear these back in the day. The other JB-athletes at the time (Finely, Bibby, Qrich, Darius Miles and Ray Allen) did a helluva job playing in these, but Reggie?
Come on.



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