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Everything with Giannis Antetokounmpo starts with his family.
In his first Signature Sole from Nike we get the family treatment as well as history.
All in a take-one-dribble-from-your-own-threepoint-line-and-dunk-and-still-look-awesome-doing-it kind of shoe.
Dubbed the Freak 1 for obvious reasons…

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The Solestory

Introducing the first signature soles for the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo!
The Nike Zoom freak 1 brings all the goodies in a really sweet package.

Using an exceptional lockdown forefoot support, double stacked Zoom Air cushioning to take care of the impact of a Freak Athlete (as well as you and me…) and an superior traction to spin your way out of any situation.
Keeping it lowtop and light weight, with soft collars for a very comfortable fit.

The detailing on these are of the charts, Giannis wasn’t playing when he put his FAMILY into every design and performance part.
This colorway in specifics, dubbed the “All Bros” is going all in on the Antetokounmpo Brotherhood with the five siblings pushing each other since the very start as well as the support from his mother Veronica and respect to Giannis late father Charles.

This is a time when storytelling really made a beautiful connection to the performance part of the shoe.
Giannis four brothers formed into 4 forefoot lacing bands that work together to form a support system for a lockdown fit.
The names of his brothers are also seen on the outsole in the heel.

On the lateral side, the outrigger that wraps itself from underneath the sole is named after his mother and represents the support she’s always given her family.

One part that the design team has in mind when first starting to create the Freak 1 was traction. Giannis plays an aggressive brand of basketball and we all get lost in his spinmoves in hyperspeed…
So it was important that the traction and the enhanced grip would keep him in control.
This geometric traction pattern really delivers the perfect sole for Giannis style of play, super-long strides (we see you one-dribble-from-halfcourt-dunk), quick starts & stops and fast changes of direction.

Implemented in the outsole is details of roses in remembrance of Charles and the inscription “I AM MY FATHER’S LEGACY”.

Of course, there are some Giannis branding as well, introducing both the GA-logo on the tongue with inspiration from the Greek typefaces as well as his number 34 paired together with the Greek flag on the heel and to finish it all of, a FREAK-inscription on the front of of the outsole.


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