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Infinitive support. Total control. The Curry 3 got more tech than Steph got range...
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Something new.
Something extra.
Something for the Most Valuable Player in the Universe.

The third edition of Steph Currys signature kicks are here. And we are loving them!
Ever since he hugged coach McKillop at Davidson, we have been more-than-normal-interested in SC’s persona and mindset.
With this edition he let’s us in a little deeper while bringing high-level rockets to our feet.

Most notable about the shoe is the heelcounter, with an oversized SC30-logo molded into the outsole and re-inforced by the carbon-fiber “Meta Wing plates” this gives a bad-ass look to the shoe. More of a tank than a Tesla in design, but dont underestimate the function, it’s still very lightweight and more than normal comfortable. The Meta Wing Plates assures that the power and energy of your moves takes you forward and nowhere else.
His motto, “I can do all things” is more visible than before (remember the Curry 2.5 where you needed googles and a magnifer to find it) and it’s a nice detail on the heel design.

The upper is done in Threadbone, which is the tech name for “high tension threads woven intelligently” which in non-NASA langauge means this upper is strong. Really strong. Without losing the textile feel and comfort. Under Armour calls it “Survival cord” and if you are like us, where your game is life, this will help you survive!
To reinforce on stress-points, UA is using a fused-technology on the front of the shoe and around the stitching.

On the inside of the foot we are welcomed by an old friend from the Curry 1, the Anafoam! The Anafoam is one of those friends that grow stronger over time, when your feet gets warm the foam will adjust to your foot and after a while it’s like you have your own PE-version built for your feet. The construction of the foam and the design of the asymmetrical lacing wraps the foot like a those McKillop-hugs we were talking about in the beginning…


What kind of cushioning do you need when you are on top of the world?
We are guessing UA Charged ’cause thats Stephs choice for the Curry 3.
Known for it’s short reaction time and speed, UA Charged will make your first step even faster and staying with you through any ill step-back move you make. In addition to the prevoius Charged-cushioning, UA have added a Dynamic Midsole Frame with a raised foam counter in the midsole to create an even more dynamic cushioning.

The outsole is done in a classic herringbone design, using a one-piece rubber bottom unit to keep the traction on point.
Added on the pivotponit is a message from Steph. Or to Steph. We dont really know, but since we almost made the cut to Quantico we will figure it out.


Using the term “TCC”, which is tattoed on Stephs left wrist and is something his Davidson team came up with back in college.



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